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Champions of Change


AFN's Champions of Change Approach

American Fashion Network believes that good business practices go hand-in-hand with doing good in the world. Minimizing our environmental impact, stopping waste, treating our workers well, and positively impacting our community are all core principles of our business. It's what we call our Champions of Change approach. Our approach involves three overlapping areas of focus:

  • Produce ageless style through innovation - We use a collaborative approach to constantly seek out new, and more environmentally friendly ways of producing our products using innovative materials, ethically sourced inputs, and cleaner supply chains.

  • Consider the full product lifecycle - We design our products with the full lifecycle of the product in mind, from sustainable production, to sustained use, to easy disposal and recycling. Our made-to-order model, and quality products ensure we don't overproduce, and that our garments last. We are utilizing new and innovative materials to maximize biodegradability at the end of the product life cycle. 

  • Trail blaze a better today and tomorrow - We believe in always considering our impact on our workers, and the communities that we're part of, and we want to make that impact positive across the board. We believe in treating our staff with respect and fairness, and we seek out ways of benefitting the community.

These values aren't just empty slogans; they're what drive us everyday, and they are the basis of our business model.















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