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American Fashion Network Highlights Partnership with Charter Communications

American Fashion Network (AFN) has built an array of business partnerships across the country with retailers, producers, and customers, and these partnerships have enabled AFN to grow quickly, reach new markets, and boost our offerings. Along these lines, AFN teamed up in 2020 with Charter Communications, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States.


At a time when personal protective equipment (PPE) was in extremely short supply, AFN provided Charter with nearly 1 million of its high-quality, American-made masks. This supply was critical in helping Charter protect field technicians and customer service teams, helping the company to maintain operations under challenging circumstances.


Charter, in turn, offered the services of its certification support program to help AFN achieve certification as Disability-Owned and Woman-owned, and to be certified as a Small Business with the U.S. Small Business Administration. These certifications have helped AFN draw attention to the company, its products, and its leadership. As more and more companies seek to diversify their supplier base, they have also helped AFN reach new customers.


In response to this partnership with Charter, AFN CEO Jackie Ferrari said, "Charter helped to shape a renewed vision for my company, allowing doors to open by proudly embracing our status as a Woman-Owned Business. With the certifications they helped us to quickly procure, we were able to develop new relationships with American corporations and grow 100% of our existing partnerships as our country makes huge strides in diversifying its supplier base".


AFN is continuing an aggressive strategy of building out new partnerships and finding new opportunities to supply companies seeking to diversify their networks.

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