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Diversity is a Fact and Inclusion is a Choice: Focusing on the American Workforce

America is on its way back to work and our focus turns to the American Workforce.

Corporate Apparel and swag creates inclusive culture and when culture is treated as a strategy, companies have seen as much as 50% improvement in employee performance. This important data from the big guys in that little college town... Cambridge, MA!


What we know is that corporate apparel has evolved and many great companies have broadened their product in this space. American Fashion Network, with 16 years of experience in the fashion industry, takes it a step further to include gender and size inclusivity with innovative fabrics that provide mobility and comfort.


Most corporate apparel product is built and bought as Unisex and it is built on outdated notions of fit. Women are offered uniforms and apparel built on a male frame, which completely ignores their shape and sizing. And men, if they are outside of standard sizing, must fit into what is available on their company platform; often ignoring their unique shape and size. Our experienced technical design team builds products for every shape and size of a woman including standard, plus, petite and maternity. And for men, we include standard, big and tall.


Lastly, American Fashion Network offers a global manufacturing footprint to include the USA. If buying American is important to you, we are your team!


Together, as we continue to learn the importance of diversity, we know that diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice. According to Dan Shulman from PayPal, this change is undeniable and unstoppable. We agree with Shulman and have built our business around this because we have control over how we embrace and enable change! Inclusion is not solely about gender or race or color it's also about body shape, image and sizing.


Let us help you outfit your emerging workforce!

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