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Love the Earth

Earth Day 2022: Invest In Our Planet

The theme of Earth Day this year is “Invest in Our Plant. What Will You Do?” It’s a question that calls on all of us to reflect on how our individual and group actions affect the future of the planet, and what more we can do to invest in a sustainable and green future. At American Fashion Network (AFN), we’ve thought a lot about that, because the fashion industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, by some estimates, the industry accounts for 10% of all such emissions. 


A more sustainable fashion industry is critical to meeting people’s desires while protecting the planet. That’s why AFN has moved forward with several initiatives to make our company, and the industry, cleaner. We work with the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure that our cotton supply is environmentally sustainable and ethically produced. It's also why we're big believers in the made-to-order model that our business is based upon. With made-to-order, our customers have carefully considered what products they need, and the exact quantity they wish to buy to meet their needs. This dramatically reduces waste because we can make exactly as much as demanded, without needing to overproduce to meet unanticipated market needs.


In addition to our work with the Better Cotton Initiative, American Fashion Network uses innovative yarns like CiCLO. Unlike traditional yarns and fabrics, CiCLO’s synthetic microfibers biodegrade in natural seawater at faster rates than similar untreated fibers. Together, these initiatives will help protect the planet and protect workers, while providing high-quality, made-to-order products to our customers. 


As Earth Day calls our attention to sustainability, and challenges us to Invest in Our Planet, we’d like to be a partner in your efforts to do just that. We can meet your apparel and retail fashion needs while protecting our shared home.

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