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American Fashion Network Launches Campaign to Empower Women In the Workplace


SYRACUSE, NY – American Fashion Network, a trusted apparel supplier to major retail brands, the federal government and small businesses across the country, is launching a campaign to empower women in the workplace beginning in September. The campaign features prominent women leaders in fashion, business and entertainment who will share their experiences and give their advice to the next generation of female leaders. This, while calling companies and organizations to take action to empower women internally. The campaign will also highlight the crucial importance of confidence as a component of success in business and the role that apparel plays in building it. American Fashion Network, a women-owned American business, will also highlight its own efforts to empower women and the emphasis the company places on producing quality, custom apparel that is uniquely and technically designed to fit women’s bodies.


“I could not be more proud to launch this campaign in conjunction with such incredible women,” said Jackie Ferrari, CEO of American Fashion Network. “These women are an inspiration to me and countless other women across America who have worked to become the largest growing sector of the workforce, in our country. Corporate America is making great strides to elevate women, creating opportunities for equity and inclusion. There remains, a tremendous opportunity for continued growth. Our campaign draws attention to the often-overlooked, but critically important ways to empower women”. 


The basis for our campaign and our push comes from many studies that consistently show that projecting and feeling confident is critical to workplace success, both in an interview and on the job. What a person wears has a major bearing on their level of confidence. However, more than most corporate apparel, on a company’s platform and available in the marketplace is built on a male frame and does not account for the size and shape of a woman. This is a fact and we have studied and compared with 100% accuracy in our findings.


Given the critical role that appearance plays in building confidence, poorly fitting corporate apparel can hold women and the companies they work for, back. American Fashion Network changed the game by offering a range of fits made specifically for women – the only corporate apparel company to do so.


“As I looked for ways to empower women in my own business, I realized that one obvious way was to make sure the product we make actually fits women,” said Ferrari. “With 35 years in the fashion industry serving large retailers, we know a woman’s body and we know how to make her feel and look good…through all the phases of her life including maternity and plus sizing. In the end, the employee and the corporation win by having confident, empowered women in the America workforce.”  


Over the course of the campaign, American Fashion Network will roll out unique content with inspired women leaders through social media, press outreach and online. The content will focus on how these women built their business, their unique workplace experiences, and their advice for helping women build and project confidence. They will also offer their advice on what companies can do to empower women and encourage them to look for ways that women are being overlooked or ignored in the workplace. In addition, American Fashion Network is asking others following along and on social media to join in on the conversation and share advice and tips on what makes them feel confident by tagging American Fashion Network @americanfashionnetwork.




About American Fashion Network: American Fashion Network (AFN) is a design and manufacturing company based in Syracuse, New York with offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, California and Guatemala. AFN’s global manufacturing footprint features an extensive network of mills and factories across the US, Central America and Asia. As a certified women-owned business, AFN takes over 16 years of retail experience and expertise to the corporate and government procurement space. AFN brings supplier diversity certifications, commitment to quality and innovation through customization to corporate partners. AFN is committed to helping their partners build an inclusive culture through innovative design.

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