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American Fashion Network Makes Major Strides to Enhancing the US Economy and Making an Impact on the Federal Government

At American Fashion Network (AFN), our innovative approach and focus on quality, as well as our American-made products offers a great deal to customers across the board. For nearly 17 years we have served the needs of customers in retail and have carried that with us into our corporate apparel. As a partner with some of America's most well-known brands and businesses, we continue to build on that line of business. Pivoting into Federal sector contracting has recently been another great success of ours, being a perfect fit for the needs of the public sector.


In recent years there has been an increasing focus in the federal contracting space on buying products made right here in the United States. With three offices in the United States including Syracuse, NY, Milwaukee, WI and Los Angeles, CA, as well as multiple manufacturing partners throughout the America's, AFN's fabrics and procedures are compliant with the Berry Amendment as well as fabric and sewing resourcing for the Buy America Act. Utilizing this network, and our extensive record of delivering for our customers, AFN pursued and won a competitive contract to provide the US Marine Corps with physical training performance t-shirts and shorts.


Our work for the Marine Corps got a direct call out from the White House earlier in March 2022 as the Administration touted its work to boost Made-in-America manufacturing. The White House Fact Sheet stated:


"American Fashion Network, a U.S.-based SBA certified women-owned small business, pivoted from strictly commercial work to manufacturing masks for the government during COVID. Building on that experience, AFN won its first major federal contract in 2021, for $46 million in Made in America apparel for the US Marine Corps and is assisting in the pioneering of gender size inclusivity with the DOD across services, including maternity. The apparel is manufactured in Garden Grove, California which employs 70 workers and Rochester, New York which employs 56 workers."


As noted, AFN is channeling our passion for size inclusivity into our work for the federal government. Military uniforms and apparel have traditionally been sized based on the male frame. When women need to acquire uniform items made specifically for them, they pay as much as ten times more than their male counterparts according to the Government Accountability Office, and we are stepping in to change that.


AFN has also stepped up during the pandemic to protect America's frontline federal workers. in 2020, as we turned our factories to domestic mask production, we provided the United States Postal Service thousands of masks at a time of severe shortages. This helped the Postal Service continue its critical work, and to keep our postal workers safe. 


As we continue to expand our private sector business, we are excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead. Making quality products in America is something we've always been passionate about, and we believe that our unique approach to size inclusivity provides needed solutions to problems that have gone unaddressed, while providing value and quality for the American people. We look forward to keeping you informed about our business initiatives and hope that you take advantage of this great opportunity for us to work together and make a difference not only within your company but also for America.

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