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Image by Jonathan Simcoe

American Fashion Network Touted in White House Release for Made in America Focus

As part of a sweeping announcement of existing and planned actions to boost domestic manufacturing and Made-in-America contracting by the federal government, the Biden-Harris Administration pointed to the landmark, $46 million federal contract that American Fashion Network (AFN) won last year. Under the contract, AFN will provide apparel to the United States Marine Corps. The White House press release notes that AFN “is assisting in the pioneering of gender size inclusivity with the DOD across services, including maternity”, and touts AFN’s domestic production taking place in Garden Grove, CA, and Rochester, NY. 


“We are very proud to see AFN’s commitment to Made-in-America manufacturing, gender size inclusivity, and high quality highlighted by the White House” said Jackie Ferrari, Founder and CEO of American Fashion Network. “Making product here in America has been a passion of mine and a value that AFN has been able to hold true to, even during the toughest of times. We have been able to provide the highest quality merchandise while supporting the American economy.”


President Biden announced additional actions the federal government is taking to create jobs at home and position US companies to compete globally, including increasing the threshold constituting domestic content and including new price preferences.


American Fashion Network (AFN), an SBA certified women-owned small business, is headquartered in Syracuse, NY and has operations around the United States. During the COVID-19 crisis, AFN pivoted to help manufacture masks for the government and recently won its first federal contract for Made in America apparel for the U.S. Marine Corps. AFN is leading the way in gender size inclusivity for the DOD.


About American Fashion Network: American Fashion Network is a global apparel and design and manufacturing company based in Syracuse, New York with offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Los Angeles, California. American Fashion Network made its name with an innovative speed-to-market model took over retail over the last decade. Through the development of a disruptive private-label design and manufacturing process, they deliver trending fashion apparel items to large-cap retailers, including Kohl’s and have partnered with companies like Comcast and Spectrum within their corporate division. The private label division continues today, as American Fashion Network formally launches their corporate apparel line, ONE Move, this summer.

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