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The Gary Sinise Foundation:

As part of our efforts to identify community needs and work to address them, Simply Threads by American Fashion Network (AFN), has donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation. The Gary Sinise Foundation is a leading philanthropy focused on helping veterans, first responders, and their families by providing direct aid, education, and entertainment programs, and even homes for people in need. 


"Our nation's veterans and first responders are the backbone of our communities," said Jackie Ferrari, the CEO of American Fashion Network. "They put themselves in danger every day to keep us safe and protect our nation. We owe them our full support as a community and that's exactly what the Gary Sinise Foundation does" continued Ferrari. "I'm very proud that we could support their vital mission".


Simply Threads, and its parent company, American Fashion Network, are committed to giving back to the community, and regularly support charities and nonprofits dedicated to helping those in need. 

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