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Fabric Rolls Factory

Public Policy Allows Financial Support For The Disabled

When your organization works with American Fashion Network (AFN), you join us in our efforts to empower the blind, visually impaired and disabled toward independence and a chance at meaningful employment and success, relying not on social welfare but on themselves.

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, an ISO 9001 Certified sewing facility in Central New York. With years of experience in the government space, they have partnered with us bringing their talent to the commercial space. AFN provides best-in-class design, speed, agility and we serve our customers with a tireless commitment toward excellence. AFN is thrilled to be able to offer you and your customer an opportunity to make a difference by supporting disability, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

At AFN, we are continuously working toward a sustainable future. This includes and is not limited to providing jobs that encourage economic growth and social cohesion. 

Together we can build a better future by providing opportunity and freedom, the foundation of America, to those who are working and fighting so hard to be contributors to the community of the United States.

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