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Holiday Shopping 2021

The holiday shopping season is upon us and as expected it started early as consumers have been urged to get started early. According to Statista, 43% of US consumers were most likely to begin holiday shopping before the end of October this year.


US holiday sales are expected to grow 8.5-10 percent this year, even after an 8.2 percent increase last year, totaling $859 billion. The National Retail Federation surveyed consumers and found that in 2021, consumers plan to spend on average $998 dollars on gifts, food and decorations. 


Despite this anticipated increase in sales, the current supply chain challenges mean there will be delays and higher wait times during one of the busiest retail times of the year. This season represents new opportunities for the retail sector as well as unprecedented challenges in keeping shelves stocked, sales floors and check out kiosks staffed and shipping on track. 


AFN delivers despite these challenges. We stand with American manufacturing, producing the highest quality merchandise and supporting the U.S. economy.


Have you started shopping yet? Are you encountering uncommon challenges getting the items you ordered on time? As we work to shape change, we would love to hear about your experiences this holiday shopping season. Please share in the comments!

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