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International Nurses Day

Every May 12 -- the day of Florence Nightingale's birth -- the world observes International Nurses Day to recognize the incredible contribution that nurses make in all our lives. Never has this day been more relevant than now, after two years of a pandemic that stretched healthcare systems to their breaking point all over the world. During this harrowing time, nurses were the backbone of our pandemic response, caring for those who became ill, comforting those who tragically lost their lives to the disease, and helping to roll out a worldwide vaccination campaign that has helped to protect billions of people. 


These many demands have taken a toll on nurses, and the nursing profession. More than half of the nurses surveyed in a poll last year said they were more anxious, more stressed, and more depressed than they were before the pandemic. International Nurses Day is a great time to think about how we can give back to these professionals who exposed themselves to danger in order to protect us, and to how we can learn from the experience of the last two years to ease the challenges facing nurses in the future.


One small part of that must be ensuring that nurses have the gear they need to do their jobs. Shortages of personal protective equipment must be addressed and prevented in the future. For our part, at American Fashion Network we are producing high quality nursing scrubs. We believe that nurses deserve the best, and we are dedicated to providing the best protective garments around. Nurses take care of us; we will take care of them.


On May 12, be sure to think about the impact that nurses have on you and your loved ones, and if you know a nurse, make sure to say thank you.

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