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Literally Outside- The First Black Owned Outdoor Lifestyle Company in the US. 

Have you ever felt excluded from the active outdoor community? If you’ve ever been in or had friends & family in an outdoor community you probably know that it can feel exclusive and sometimes uninviting. 

Well, that is all changing with the hard work of two cousins, Steffan Williams and Taylor Williams. 

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Founded in 2021, Literally Outside is one of the very few Black-Owned outdoor lifestyle companies in the US with the goal to promote diversity and inclusion by challenging outdated stereotypes of outdoor activities and outdoor apparel. From activewear basics that bridge the gap between street style and functional outdoor apparel, to workhorse accessories that feel at home both on a hike and at daycare drop-off, they strive to create products for everybody and any journey.

“We’re building a community of outsiders. Together, we can blaze new trails for everyone.”


All clothing items in their Heritage Line were proudly made in the USA - helping them be #literallyconscious by ethically sourcing products, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting fair pay for factory workers. We are honored to help produce their Heritage Line jogger, hoodie and tee. Being a Woman-Owned company with deep passion for diversity and inclusion, our values and goals perfectly line up with literally outside and all they are aiming to challenge. 

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The Heritage Line is centered on super soft active loungewear - perfect for relaxing at home or going out and about. The unisex sweatshirt, sweatpants and t-shirt are true to size for men (compared to traditional men’s sizes) and a slightly looser fit for women (compared to traditional women’s sizes). The sweatsuit is a light weight, cotton and polyester blend with a brushed interior - creating a very cozy feel (pilling is normal on this type of blend). The t-shirt is extremely soft cotton with a woven label to avoid that itchy feeling on your neck. The hat is one-size-fits-most with a tight knit that styles well and keeps you warm.



Steffan and Taylor have plans to expand the brand into true performance wear later this year and would like to stick to Made in The USA production. Join the growing community on IG (@literallyoutside) and stay in the loop for upcoming drops! 

Visit their website HERE

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