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CDC Issues New Mask Guidelines

Although vaccines have brought about significant progress in protecting Americans from COVID-19, the Delta Variant has presented additional challenges and prompted the CDC to issue new guidance last week urging Americans -- both vaccinated and unvaccinated -- to wear mask indoors once again in many places. Some states and localities put in place new mask mandates after the guidance was issued and more are likely to follow suit soon.

Additionally, OSHA has been following CDC advice on masking requirements, and its guidance reflects the CDC's recommendation that all unvaccinated individuals wear masks in indoor public places, including workplaces. OSHA's guidance also recommends that employers provide unvaccinated or at-risk employees with face coverings.

Given these challenges, and federal, sate and local policies, we know that many businesses are looking to refresh their mask inventory, either to comply with new mandates or to keep their workers feeling safe, and American Fashion Network is here to help. Our customizable CDC-compliant 2-ply masks are made right here in America and can be delivered anywhere in the US in as little as 3 weeks. American Fashion Network's high-quality masks are a great way of protecting your staff and can be customized with your company's logo.

COVID has presented countless challenges to businesses and workers, and while the outlook is improving, keeping workers safe and complying with mandates remains a challenge. Let us know how we can help meet your company's customized mask needs. 

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