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New Year Celebrations

New Year Resolution 2022!

The new year brings a renewed sense of hope and a marker in time that motivates people to set new goals. Millions of Americans will set their new year’s resolutions, and few will stick with them.  The data is clear, and the most common resolutions made are around diet and exercise.  We have all been there and we have all failed in our attempts to hold these resolutions for the entire year.  Then comes the self-doubt and self-criticism.


Let’s try something different this year and set resolutions rooted in body positivity.  Let’s work to feel comfortable in our own skin.  So…how can we do this? 

One article suggests that people should wear clothes they love and care for the body they have “right here, right now.”


This is a cornerstone at American Fashion Network.  We design and manufacture corporate clothing and workwear that is size-inclusive and gender specific so that everyone can feel their best while living a healthy lifestyle. We have banished unisex sizing and our quality product fits the working women and men of our great corporations.


Let us help you empower your workforce with our custom, quality, American-made apparel.  

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