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Empowering Women: Interview With Stephanie Reynolds

Today we introduce you to a woman who has been encouraging and supporting other females and giving them the tools to stand confidently in their daily life and in the workplace for years. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and advice was something that not only inspired us, but has inspired everyone who has listened to her speak on the topic.

As this campaign continues to grow attention to the overlooked, but critically important ways to empower women and calling companies and organizations to take action to empower women internally; we thank you all for doing your part by helping spread the word to make a change. As we highlight the crucial importance of confidence as a component of success in business and the role that apparel plays in building it, we ask you to join in on the conversation on social media and tag American Fashion Network (@Americanfashionnetwork) and let us know what you think of these incredible women and their advice, what you have taken away from these interviews, and what makes YOU feel confident and empowered. Also, feel free to share these interviews to further empower the women in your life!

Click play below to see our interview with Stephanie Reynolds.

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