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This is What America is Capable of

There are people who believe American skill and resourcefulness do not stand for much and what the U.S. produces cannot cut it in today's global economy. At American Fashion Network (AFN) we believe in something different.

American Fashion Network (AFN) led by Founder and CEO Jackie Ferrari of Syracuse, New York, has been providing clothing, fabric, and promotional specialty products to the world's most prestigious retailers and corporations including but not limited to: Kohl's, JCPenney, American Eagle, Walmart, Petco, Amazon, Comcast, Charter/Spectrum, Sysco, Wantable and Venado. 

Made in America was Jackie's passion as she grew her company to become a global supplier. Born and raised in Los Angeles County, CA, Jackie continues to work to bring manufacturing back to the region and country. Today, at American Fashion Network, Jackie is keeping American manufacturing alive, and is proud to be the recipient of a recent awarded contract with the U.S. Marine Corps. With this contract, AFN is now providing uniforms made in America to United States service members.

With offices across the United States and with multiple manufacturing partners throughout the Americas, AFN stands by American manufacturing. Producing the highest quality merchandise and supporting the U.S. economy, Jackie, along with the rest of the AFN team knows that together we can win for the community of America!

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