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Five Ways to Make Employees Feel Noticed

Demonstrating employee appreciation is a necessity and a challenge for any business, particularly in a time of labor shortages and increased worker mobility. Happier workers are more likely to stick around and grow with a company over time, they provide better service and they're more productive. See below for tips on how a company can show its workers that it cares about them and appreciates their service!


Every employee is different, every company is different, yet similarities stand out.


1. Don't be formulaic - Annual or semi-annual employee appreciation might be a nice gesture, but their scheduled nature can make them feel rote, predictable and disconnected to performance. Spontaneity and surprise make the employer's actions feel genuine and calling out specific instances of above-and-beyond performance by individual employees or groups makes clear that you've been noticing their hard work.

2. Focus on the Individual - Making individuals feel personally appreciated is crucial to a firm's morale and culture. When circumstances allow, few actions speak louder than monetary rewards for strong performance, but a nice email or verbal thank you goes a long way too. And don't forget the details. If your workers wear uniforms or corporate apparel, make sure you provide apparel that fits properly. Provide women with clothes designed to fit their bodies rather than the unisex sizing model that most corporate apparel is based on.


3. Don't focus on the negative - Many employees feel that their bosses notice every mistake they make, but don't notice or comment when they do things right. Constructive criticism is necessary to help employees grow, but make sure to show that you notice the good things too. This makes employees more receptive to constructive criticism and makes them enthusiastic about growing in the job. 


4. Make employees feel invested in the brand - Workers who feel good about their workplace can be enthusiastic representatives of your brand. Providing employees with company-branded merchandise or apparel, commonly called swag, is a nice surprise that gives them something fun and useful and it makes them feel more connected and invested in the brand.


5. Get to know your employees - Managers and company leaders who take the time to really get to know their workers will always have a better connection to them. Learn their interests and hobbies, ask about their

families and show that you're interested in who they are. 

Making employees feel noticed is a core part of making them feel like they have an interest in the success of the company. We have worked with companies all over the country on their individual corporate apparel needs. If we can help yours, please be in touch. Contact us HERE.

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