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Why Work with a Certified Women-Owned Business?

Partnering with women-owned small businesses can bring a lot of benefit to your business.

· Bringing a new perspective - Diversifying your supplier base, including by working with certified women-owned businesses, can bring in fresh perspective and outside-the-box thinking. 

· Innovation - AFN's status as a woman-owned business has led us to understand the importance of tailoring our product to the needs of both women and men. This has led us to a unique approach to corporate apparel and other products that are focused on making everyone feel good in our product, and its why we ditched the outdated unisex sizing model that most of our competitors use. Our unique perspective has driven innovation within AFN, and with our partners and customers.

· Diversity spend needs - AFN can help satisfy your business's diversity spend and supply mandates.

· Customers value it - Customers, whether they're individuals or other businesses, are actively looking to support businesses that share their values, and value diversity. 

· Workers value it - Surveys consistently show that people want to work for companies that value diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

With 17 years of retail experience, and significant experience in corporate apparel and government procurement, American Fashion Network can give your business the high-quality, individualized apparel it needs while helping to diversify your supplier base.

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