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Corporate Winter Apparel

Time to update your corporate apparel in preparation for the colder months ahead!  American Fashion Network has a full line of high-quality corporate apparel fully customizable to meet your needs, and we offer it in a full range of sizes and fits, including standard, plus, big & tall, petite and maternity.


Our line of winter apparel has everything you need, from fleece pullovers to sweatshirts, hoodies, and even safety apparel; and it is the perfect way to advertise your company and improve work culture and unity within your business.


Our wide-ranging network of U.S. suppliers allows us to get you your order before the cold sets in and we are able to process large bulk orders quickly, despite worldwide supply chain constraints affecting the apparel industry.


We know that offering a refreshed line of corporate apparel for employees and others can be a challenge for you. As we get ready to change seasons let us help you get the quality products you deserve and outfit those who represent your business.


Call us today at 315-708-4177 or email us at to speak with your personal coordinator today.


Ask us about our Made in the USA disposable and reusable masks.

See Our Catalog Here 

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