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Are You Ignoring The Women In Your Company?


All too often, workwear and corporate lifestyle apparel is made based on outdated notions of fit that utilize a narrow range of unisex sizing to create uniforms that can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, particularly for women. Unisex sizing is based and modeled on a male frame which completely ignores women's shape and sizing.  Worse yet, uniforms that fit poorly can negatively impact the way employees feel wearing them, which in turn may affect job performance. 


range of studies have shown that a person's clothing can change the way they feel and impact their level of self-esteem and confidence. A number of sayings --"dress for success" - "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" -- that make this point have made their way into popular culture because clothing influences both the wearer, and the customer. Simply stated, an employee that feels confident in their appearance will be more likely to perform well in the job, which in turn influences the customer's perception of the company. Proper fit and appearance also communicate a higher degree of professionalism and competence on the part of both the employee and the company. 


American Fashion Network has thrown out the standard unisex sizing business model because it's not good for our customers or their employees. Instead, we offer a range of corporate apparel products to empower both women and men in the workplace. We've carefully tailored a wide range of fits for women that reflect the fact that, by and large, men's sizing simply doesn't fit women's bodies.


See just how important fit is below.

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