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Empowering Women & Advancing Opportunity

Empowering women is woven into the fabric of our culture, especially as a women owned business. Properly empowering women in the workplace goes far beyond the apparel they wear, but it's a basic component that many businesses are inadvertently ignoring, and we create and develop product with that in mind. We are making great strides to elevate women, creating opportunities for equity and inclusion, although there remains a tremendous opportunity for continued growth.

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Our Founder / CEO on Empowering and Advancing Opportunity for Women

"Empowering women to succeed in their multi-faceted lives is a top priority for me and my team. As a result, we have created American Fashion Network's Workwear and Corporate Lifestyle Apparel for Women. We are making quality corporate apparel for women in the workforce and enabling them to feel confident in their workplace because it fits their ever-changing bodies. Our product is designed and built for women, by women!"

Women in the Workforce

Studies prove that poorly fitting workwear can hold individuals and companies back as it plays a critical role in building confidence. American Fashion Network changed the game by offering a range of fits made specifically for women - the only corporate apparel company to do so. 

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