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Image by Andrew Moca

Equality & Belonging

Equality and inclusion are not solely about gender or race or color; it's also about body shape, image, and sizing. Acceptance is what brings us together as a community. Our goal is to ensure that all people are valued and seen. Because of this we design all our apparel with inclusion in mind. We take a natural approach to honestly reflect global diversity.

Our Commitment to Design and Fit

American Fashion Network's goal is to empower women in the workforce by manufacturing and supplying workwear made specifically for a women's body, throughout all phases of life. Workwear that businesses purchase from other suppliers is created based on a male frame. AFN is changing this outdated notion!


Partnering with Goodwill of the Finger Lakes

American Fashion Network partners with Goodwill of the Finger Lakes in effort to empower the blind, visually impaired and disabled. 

Accolades and Recognition

Together, as we continue to learn the importance of diversity, we know that diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice and have built our business around this because we have control over how we embrace and enable change!

Award Winner
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